Marc Reichel

IGDB Laravel Wrapper

Laravel-Wrapper for the IGDB API (Apicalypse) including webhook handling.

Ordering, Limit, & Offset


The orderBy method allows you to sort the result of the query by a given field. The first argument to the orderBy method should be the field you wish to sort by, while the second argument controls the direction of the sort and may be either asc or desc:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::orderBy('first_release_date', 'asc')->get();

skip / take (limit / offset)

To limit the number of results returned from the query, or to skip a given number of results in the query, you may use the skip and take methods (take is limited to a maximum of 500):

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::skip(10)->take(5)->get();

Alternatively, you may use the limit and offset methods:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::offset(10)->limit(5)->get();