Marc Reichel

I am a passionate Software Developer

Hi! 👋🏼 My name is Marc. I love to code and make the web look beautiful wherever I can.

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2024 Redesign

Giving my website a fresh new coat.

Over the last few weeks I more and more felt the urge to give my website a new look. As the previous design was about …

2 min read

Simplified ultra-wide screen sharing

Never ask "Can you see everything?" again.

Ultra-wide monitors are awesome. I have been working with one for about three years now and never want to miss it again. There's only one downside to me, …

3 min read

Alpine Auto Animate

An Alpine.js wrapper for FormKit AutoAnimate.

I've tagged version 1.0 of my small Alpine.js wrapper around @formkit/auto-animate (Website). …

2 min read