Marc Reichel

IGDB Laravel Wrapper

Laravel-Wrapper for the IGDB API (Apicalypse) including webhook handling.

Fetch results


To finally get results for the query, simply call get:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::get();


If you just want to get "all" results (limited to a maximum of 500) just call the all-Method directly on your model:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::all();


If you only want one result call the first-method after your query:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$game = Game::first();


If you know the Identifier of the model you can simply call the find-method with the identifier as a parameter:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$game = Game::find(1905);


find returns null if no result were found. If you want to throw an Exception instead use findOrFail. This will throw an MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Exceptions\ModelNotFoundException if no result were found.