Marc Reichel

IGDB Laravel Wrapper

Laravel-Wrapper for the IGDB API (Apicalypse) including webhook handling.

Getting started

If you're familiar with the Eloquent System and the Query Builder of Laravel you will love this package as it uses a similar approach.


Each endpoint of the API is mapped to its own model.

To get a list of games you simply call something like this:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Models\Game;
$games = Game::where('name', 'Fortnite')->get();

Here you can find a list of all available Models.

When you use one of these models the query results will be mapped into the used model automatically.

This method is used in the examples in the documentation.

Query Builder

You can also use the Query Builder (which is used under the hood) directly if you want to:

use MarcReichel\IGDBLaravel\Builder as IGDB;
$igdb = new IGDB('games'); // 'games' is the endpoint
$games = $igdb->get();