Tinker With Your Code

How Tinkerwell can improve your coding workflow.

· 2 min read

Tinkering with your (Laravel) code never was easier. About a year ago I bought a license for Tinkerwell and I do not want to miss it in my daily coding workflow anymore.

With Tinkerwell you can easily interact with your code base both locally and remotely. This allows you to quickly test some code without the need to create a route first which you then need to access via the browser.

Ever needed to create a signed url for a route without having a dedicated page for this in your Laravel web app? No problem. Simply run the code for generating the URL in Tinkerwell and you are good to go.

The best part of this: You do not need to clean up your code after this. Or even worse: Accidentally pushing the code to GIT because you forgot to clean up your code — which never happened to me… Seriously… Never! Take my word for it. I mean it!

For common tasks Tinkerwell also allows you to save those code snippets into … well … snippets. Often need to dispatch a specific job? Save it to a snippet and access it easily in the future.

If you do not want to run a separate app, you can also use Tinkerwell right in PHPStorm using the official plugin.

You can learn more about Tinkerwell on its website.

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